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Airport service


With our long term partnership with Melbourne International Airport, we have set up our service counter at T2 International Arrival Hall. Other than providing airport information instructions in English and Chinese Mandarin, we also sell travel products like prepaid SIM cards and power adapters etc. to provide the most thoughtful and essential help for travelers.

OZLOOK also cooperates with well-known e-commerce platforms such as Taobao/Tmall, CTrip and Klook etc. and offers services such as on site pick up and SIM card activation.

In addition to communication products, OZLOOK airport counter fully considers the actual needs of all passengers. We can arrange essential services such as transportation to and from Melbourne airport and your desired location. Passengers only need to submit the booking information via phone, email or Wechat mini program and our staff will complete the booking procedure.

OZLOOK counter will take on a new look, exquisite decoration and eye-catching design following the completion of Melbourne Airport’s expansion project which allows passengers to spot us once they step out of the terminal. Our counter is conveniently located near the exit of the international arrival hall. Another counter can be found on the other side of the hall.



Q: Where is your service counter?

Our service counter is near the exit of the international arrival hall of Melbourne International Airport. Once you exit customs, walk 30 meters on the right hand side.

Q: What services can I get?

Our counter provides various travel services and products for passengers including traveler SIM cards, airport shuttles, tour packages and hotel airport pick up services. We also cooperate with many e-commerce platforms which allows customers to purchase products online and pick up at our counter.

Q: Does the counter provide after-sale services?

Our counter provides corresponding after-sale services according to the specific goods or services customers purchased. For example: assisting with Australian SIM card activation, answering common communication questions and contacting airport transfer companies or local travel agencies.